About the Cleft CEN Committee

The Cleft CEN committee is made up of 8 officers.

Committee members serve for a minimum of two years, with the chairperson in post for a minimum of one year. Nominations for the committee should be proposed and seconded by members with consent of the nominee.

More information about the committee can be found in the constitution.

Committee Officers and Roles

Current Chair: Sarah Kilcoyne
Contact: chair@cleftcen.org.uk

The Chair facilitates the organisation, delivery and content of the CEN and is the main link person for the CEN.

Current Treasurer: Anna Kennedy
Contact: treasurer@cleftcen.org.uk

The Treasurer oversees the finance and accounts for the CEN and provided a summary of finances at the annual AGM.

Current Secretary: Hannah Cook 
Contact: secretary@cleftcen.org.uk

The Secretary is responsible for the administration by taking meeting minutes and advertising future CEN study days in RCSLT bulletin.

Current Website Officer: Francesca Galeota
Contact: website@cleftcen.org.uk

The Website Officer updates information on the website.

Current General Members:

  • Rhian Hoccom
  • Joanna Waldron
  • Anje Wessels
  • Melanie Cameron

The General Members on the board assist with Cleft CEN tasks including organisation of the study days.